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Friends of Beech Creek Ministries,

As we go through another year of programming we want to first thank you for your continued support.  Your time and resources are paramount to our success.  We are also asking that you would consider including us in your charitable giving this year.

Children who are considered "at risk seem to have one thing in common, poverty.  These children are more likely to drop out of school, get put out of school, have poor health care, not enough food, have a greater risk of being exposed to violence, and have an encounter with the justice system.  Studies have shown that when the effects of poverty are mitigated, there is a corresponding increase in academic performance. The Center for Imagination (CFI) afterschool program seeks to offset the effects of poverty with our children with a three-fold purpose; creating a strong sense of self, expanding their world view, and assisting them in making choices that will allow them to take care of themselves and one other person.

The Center for Imagination˜s goal is to go beyond the classroom routine and offer the student various avenues to enhance their academic skills, through hands-on activities, creative learning games, one-on-one tutoring, and the use of computer technology.

The challenges to our viability include; funding, capacity building, and systemic social change.  What does your gift support?

  • Attracting and retaining quality paid staff
  • Seed funding for new and expanded community programs
  • Technology in the lab, library and classroom
  • Internships and hands-on learning opportunities

Building Minds ~ Building Futures

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