Beech Creek Ministries Inc. serves the families residing in Northwest Nashville commonly referred to as the Bordeaux area.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau American Community survey 2008-2012 the poverty rate for Davidson County, Tennessee was 18.9%.  In Northwest Bordeaux, the poverty rate was above 30% almost twice the US rate.  The percentage of families and people whose income was below poverty level with children under 18 years was 25.5% and children under 5 years 35.5%.  The Children's Defense Fund ranks Tennessee 39th in child poverty with 50th being the worst.

Mitigating the influences of poverty is the mission of Beech Creek Ministries.  One way of addressing this challenge has been the focus on the youth in the community.  Children who are considered "at risk" seem to have one thing in common: poverty and its effects.  These children are more likely to drop out of school, and/or have a negative encounter with the justice system.  All of which increases the likelihood of perpetuating the effects of poverty in their communities and their families.

Our youth programs are designed to offset the effects of poverty by helping them develop a strong sense of self, expanding their world view, and assist them in making choices that will allow them to take care of themselves and one other person.

Beech Creek Ministries remains committed to provide high quality services to the community to address and eliminate these conditions through our collaborative partnerships,and innovative programs.